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Have a question and wondered what other peoples opinion is? Well is the site for you.
You can anonymously ask questions and see who thinks yes and who thinks no to your question and see the results live. You can check back periodically to see how the results change as the number of respondents grows.


To vote on or ask any questions you need to have an account on the site and although we need some basic details such as email, country, and year of birth - the rest is anonymous and never linked to or shared.
These details are purely to ensure you are a real person and to better filter questions that are relevant for you to answer.

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Post a question

Once you have logged in you will be able to post your questions on the system. Same as when answering questions, you remain anonymous, and no-one can see who posted what questions.

Your questions can be targeted to specific groups and made to be answerable by users only of an age group, sex, or location you have selected. You can ask questions so that only people in your town can answer, or you can target questions to larger audiences by selecting state/county/province, country or even global making your question answerable by larger groups.

Questions will only be answerable on the system for the duration you have selected, this cannot be adjusted. The questions on the home page are listed by default according to the number of votes the question has received, you can however change the order by clicking on the column header and the list will then rank according to your selection.

Give your answers

Once you have logged in you will be able to browse any questions on the system.

The homepage shows the most popular questions with the most votes, but you can use the category selector in the grey bar to find what's important to you.


Once you find a question that interests you, you can vote by pressing either YES or NO to that question. You can only vote on a question once.

Only after voting can you see the results of what percentage of people voted yes and no.


See what's relevant

If the YES and NO option is greyed out, then the criteria set against the question does not match your details. For example, if it is set for people in the USA only and you are in the UK, you will not be able to answer that question.
Once logged in you can easily filter the site to only show questions you can answer, as well as in a selected radius, and other criteria using the toggles under the category selection.


If you are a business then you can registered for your own area under the LIVE! AND BUSINESS category.

Within this section your business will be listed along with any questions you have added. (these questions can also be displayed in the other sections of the website if required).

From your my account area you have the ability to share and display just your selected question on your own website, tv broadcast, etc. where it will be displayed with the total votes, and answers.


What is a Holler?

Using the app on your phone or tablet, Holler allows you to post a question to users who have the app installed on their device who are within a pre-set radius of your location. A small holler will ping the question on all devices within 250 meters of the user, a Holler will reach all apps within 500 meters and a large holler will reach apps within 1 km. Like a normal question on you will see how many people agree or disagree with you in real time.

This is great for events like sports matches, “e.g., a small holler at a football match asking, “Was that a goal?”, or “Is this ref useless?”  and would reach all spectators who have the app installed who are in radius of the type of Holler chosen. Use the app at music festivals, sports events, business events, holiday resorts or anywhere you find a large group of people and you want their opinion on something. 

A Holler will only be live for 24 hours after which it will be moved to the previously asked questions list. Hollers can be identified by a different colour/icon on the app/website. When you post a Holler, your, and the recipients location data, is stored on the server and app for no longer than 60 minutes as this is required for the Holler system to work.